Council Corner Update - January 29th, 2018

January 31, 2018

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Update from Council Meeting — January 29th, 2018


  • Council held a Committee of the Whole session where Council and the public heard a presentation from Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Coordinator Rheannon Brooks on the City’s GOMap (GIS Online Map) program. Access to the mapping system is available through the top right hand of the main menu of  The map carries land use, transit, cemetery, garbage routes, as well as other information. For more information, take a look!
  • Council approved a grant application to Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT) for improvements to the aquatic facilities at the Recreation Complex.
  • Council gave final reading to the amendment to the Cow Bay Marina Fees and Charges bylaw. This change takes into account super-yachts in the fee structure, and adjusts monthly fees in peak summer months to increase availability to itinerant traffic.  
  • Council passed a minor amendment to the Recreation Fees and Charges Bylaw.  The amendment will reduce the fees for rental of parking spaces to food trucks and other commercial entities, and cap the charge for chair rental at the Recreation facilities to a maximum of 4 days. PLEASE NOTE—this does NOT implement paid parking at the Recreation Complex parking lot. Parking space fees only apply to those using the parking lot for commercial purposes. 
  • Council heard a verbal report from the Acting City Manager on the tsunami warning event that occurred last week. During the event, it was reported that emergency personnel followed procedures appropriate to the known risk related to the event. RCMP and Fire Department were poised to initiate evacuation procedures by notifying residents door to door and running vehicle sirens should it be required. Staff is currently exploring options for a landline and text alert warning system for Emergency Personnel to provide locally-relevant updates to community members in the case of an emergency. The City is also embarking on a campaign re-educate the public on what to do in the event of a tsunami.