Re:Design Rupert


Civic engagement surrounding how the community envisions itself after major industrial development occurs is of critical importance. During this 18-month engagement process, topics such as housing, downtown revitalization, recreation, waterfront access, economic development, trail networks and more will be discussed. It is the goal of City Council to create a process to build a culture of civic participation in our city. In 2016, the City of Prince Rupert will actively contribute and participate in the Re:Design Rupert initiative to be led by the Community Development Institute, based at the University of Northern B.C, which includes participation from a wide range of local partner organizations. 


For more information on Redesign Rupert, check out their website!


Redesign Rupert Recharge - Final Report


The underpinning of community engagement will be based on the Planning for Major Projects baseline data which includes the data collected from the 2015 Go Plan surveys. The goal from here is to develop community-driven public policies relating to land use, recreation and socioeconomics.